Bicycles – A Choice For Healthy Living

Bicycles and Cycling have become popular activities for people all over the world. A bicycle, also known as a bicycle or wheeled bike, is a motor-driven or pedal-driven, self-propelled, single-wheel cycle, with two wheels attached on a rigid frame, on which a rider rides. A cyclist is often described as a recreational user of the bicycle who rides for recreation or commuting purposes. Some cyclists use their bicycles for commuting to and from work, school, the library or other locations. Others use bicycles for racing, mountain biking and road racing. Find more from

Bicycles – A Choice For Healthy Living

The rapid growth of the popularity of bicycles and cycling can be attributed in part to the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations that promote the use of bicycles and other similar forms of physical exercise and recreation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, a government agency of the United States Department of Transportation, defines a bicycle as any four-wheel vehicle that may be propelled by both internal and external forces. Bicycle enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts around the world to take pleasure in the competition between bicycles and other forms of recreational and sports activities. There are several routes, maps, and tips for tourists to follow while traveling on bicycles. These have been designed by professional bicycleographers and are meant to help people see bicycling in a new way.

Tour de France bicycles are used by professional cyclists to race throughout the world, displaying their speed and expertise at the same time. Tour de France bicycles are also used by amateurs because they are easy to transport and because they are cheap. The Tour de France bicycle route traverses across many countries and is considered as one of the most scenic and challenging bicycle routes in the world. More people have taken to bicycles and increased the number of bicycle accidents. However, various campaigns such as” bicycles against cars” and “car-free cities” have reduced the number of automobile related accidents significantly.

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