Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries are injuries that can cause irreparable and long term damage to an animal. This type of harm is caused by injuries caused by a collision between an animal and a vehicle, a wild animal or an individual. Catastrophic Injuries can be caused by poisoning, electrocution, drowning, beatification, being hit by a vehicle or being hit by an animal. The damage caused by Catastrophic Injuries can also include animals escaping from a shelter or animal fighting among themselves, domestic disputes among owners and wild animals escaping from the wilderness. Click Here –

Catastrophic Injuries in Omaha NE

Many victims, who have suffered from Catastrophic Injuries, have been unable to work in their chosen careers or have experienced income loss because of the severity of their injuries. Catastrophic Injuries can be prevented by taking simple precautions. Safety guidelines such as never trying to drive an animal directly, keeping your animal secured in a secure enclosure and calling Animal Control immediately when you believe an animal is injured would go a long way to preventing Catastrophic Injuries. You should also keep in mind that if you have any cats or dogs that are constantly running at large, it is imperative that they are spayed, neutered or prevented from being over-bred. If no precautions are taken, then the chances of being hit by a car or a wild animal are almost unavoidable.

The best protection for your animals is to call Animal Care professional. Omaha NE has specialists in the business who will understand what steps need to be taken to ensure that your pets are in a safe condition. Omaha NE is home to many animal care facilities including Pet Medicine and Rehabilitation, Omaha Pet Clinic and the Nebraska Medical Center. They have accredited technicians who would be able to help you with all the necessary tests and emergency procedures.

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