The Pubs For Sale By The O DIRE STONE Group Will Remain In Ballyhackamore

If you are looking for a good pub to party in, one of the better options in Ireland at the moment is the selection of the country pubs for sale nsw by the O DIRE STONE group. They are known to have the best pub rooms around and they host some of the biggest and most exciting parties of the year as well. This group has sourced the best pubs around from all over the county, as well as Donegal, counties like Kerry and Galway and even from all over the world, in order to make sure that every area of Ireland has a great pub to party in. With their recent purchase of several of the country’s best country bars, the ODIRE STONE group has ensured that they are now able to expand the offering of their bars around the county.

The best pubs around from all over the county

country pubs for sale nsw

With the purchase of the country pubs for sale by the O DIRE STONE group, the loyalist pubs that have been around since the late 1980s will no longer be operating. Instead they will be joining in the TUVIS Ireland tour group, which will be concentrating on their designated area of responsibility this year. Some of the venues that will be left standing when this transfer takes place include Dungaire’s in Bantryclough, Leathdown Terrace in Mountcharthorn, The Bell in Craigage and the Kelly’s in Mountaire. In all these venues, loyalists will be treated to some of the best food and drinks on the event. In addition to this, they will also be treated to some great music. All in all, for anyone that wants to experience some of Ireland’s best at its best, there really is no substitute for the country pubs for sale by the O DIRE STONE group.

For anyone that is interested in buying pubs for sale, O DIRE STONE can provide the perfect starting point. The group is run by John Geddes, who has had the previous experience of running several pubs before he decided to set up the group in the year 1997. He went into business with his partner in the early days and the two have had a successful run ever since. As well as selling pubs, they have also taken part in a number of charity events and raised money for many of them. In the months and years to come, the group will continue to work with their local community and raise money for as many of the local children as possible.

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