Swimming Pool Liner Tips – Install Your Pool Fast and Easy Today!

A pool liner is basically a thin vinyl surface which is permanently affixed to the ground and wall of a pool to help maintain a pool’s cleanliness, enhance the overall look of a pool and give users a more welcoming surface. When it comes to buying and installing a pool liner there are lots of things to sorting out, so here s some pointers to help you decide… Firstly, what type of budget are you working with? If you have unlimited spending power then you can afford a pool liner in any possible colour, as long as its fully self-supporting, no extra parts required and its easy to install – but if your budget is limited then stick to the basic colours such as blue or black and avoid spending money on other fancy colors which will only end up on the scrapheap.

How to Install Your Pool Fast and Easy

pool liner

Secondly, do you have a large enough area in your garden to fit your pool liner in without it encroaching on adjacent gardens or lawns? Many people try and fit their pool liners in their backyards, this obviously isn’t a good idea as your pool needs to breathe otherwise the vinyl will simply crack and start collecting debris. If your backyard is too small for a liner installation then perhaps you could look into getting a solar powered pool liner. This is the cheapest option and a great way to save on energy bills as they don’t use any electricity at all!

Lastly, where will you be installing your pool liner? You should always work with an appropriate level of slope in mind – a sloping driveway and pool edge should mean that a fully self-supporting pool liner is needed. Some roads may not be suitable for using a pool liner in, especially if the soil is very soft. In these cases you may need to dig down to the depth of the pool to find a suitable area for your liner. You should also bear in mind the temperature and weather conditions as the liner will be exposed to more sunlight and moisture when installed in the sun.

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