Strictly Conveyancing

Strictly Conveyancing is a firm of conveyancers based in New South Wales. Its service offers a fixed fee conveyancing structure. There are no hidden charges, so there’s no need to visit an office to get a quote. They offer a free quote and can handle most types of property transactions, including sales and purchases of off-the-plan properties. They also offer a variety of other services, such as debt management and property tax planning.

How to Do Strictly Conveyancing

Strictly Conveyancing

Unlike solicitors and lawyers, Strictly Conveyancing doesn’t charge for the initial consultation. It can also handle the sale and purchase of a property. As a result, Strictly Conveyance is the most convenient choice for buying or selling property. The conveyancing process is complex and involves many steps. An attorney will handle the sale of your property and negotiate the terms of the transaction.

Strictly Conveyancing is a legal process that includes a variety of documents. A promissory note is one of the most commonly used documents, while a mortgage may be the most common. The deed itself may be an additional document. It’s also important to consider liens and side agreements when buying a house. A lender will usually charge a deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price.

In Australia, conveyancing is referred to as transfer. Its process varies from state to state and territory. Generally, a buyer and a seller have to meet before the exchange of contracts. The transaction is a formal closing. In this process, three attorneys sit around a table with the vendor and a third attorney. The third attorney passes papers that effect the sale. The parties will not have a legal obligation to each other, and the buyer and seller are free to cancel.

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