How To Buy Unlisted Stocks

Unlisted shares refer to babli investment listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This does not necessarily mean that the share is unlisted in the eyes of the SEIC or some other major stock exchange. The share might still be listed with theSEIC but it has not yet been placed on a stock exchange. You can find unlisted shares through brokers and stockbrokers or through online services. There are also SEIC-approved agents who offer unlisted shares to clients who are looking for them.

The A – Z Of How To Buy Unlisted Stocks

When you purchase unlisted shares, you are not purchasing shares of a company that is listed with the SEIC or any other major stock exchange. The buying and selling of stocks come under the jurisdiction of the corporate law of the place from which you have bought the shares. You may be wondering how this can apply to unlisted public company shares. As an investor, you are not restricted by the rules that apply to registered and institutional investors. You will have to follow your own laws as regards to the borrowing and lending and corporate tax and banking regulations in your own country or the country in which the unlisted public company is domiciled.

If you purchase unlisted shares through a broker or a stockbroker, the broker or the stockbroker will refer you to the company that is registered on the SEIC or one of the other major stock exchanges. Once you purchase the shares, you will become its shareholders. Since you are not a registered member of the public company, you will not be entitled to dividends or capital gains on the shares that you have purchased. This is why a broker or a stockbroker cannot legally give you legal advice regarding your purchase of the shares. An unregistered disposition of a security is not a valid basis for your broker or the broker’s firm to give you legal advice.

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